What holds a team together? TRUST

I recently came across something while conducting research for an upcoming presentation. It was of those things we occasionally come across, but that make so much sense. It’s a bit dated*, but still 100% applicable today!

Any way we look at it, trust is critical for success in every enterprise, from corporations to churches to families. Some people build trust quickly. Their attitudes and behaviors make it easier for others to trust them. In reality, there are several characteristics in those who strive to be strong trust builders;

  1. They keep promises — whether to clients, colleagues or children. You can rely on them to do what they said they would do.
  2. They tell the truth – even when it may be painful or when it may be to their disadvantage.
  3. They are quick to apologize when they do something wrong – they sincerely regret doing wrong to others.

*Source: “Others Will Trust You If You Follow This Guide”, 1991, April 29, Working Summit, p.4.

More in my next blog – Part 2.

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