Words to Use to Better Serve Your Customer – Part 2

Here are a couple of additional “helpful” ways to use your words more effectively when talking with your customers.

  1. Say, “Can you help me understand …?” rather than “Why?”. Saying the word “why” might carry a suspicious tone. I’m sure we’ve all had someone ask you “why?”, and in your own mind you’re going through a quick mental drill of wondering to yourself, “why are they asking me why?”, or “what ulterior motive do they have for asking me why?”. Don’t be in a situation where your customers are going through that mental exercise with you.
  2. Say, “I understand” rather than “Yep”,“I see”, or “Uh-huh”. Saying “I understand” implies that you fully comprehend what the customer is saying, and that you and your customer are advancing the conversation. If you really don’t understand, then refer to #4 above.
  3. Say, “Here is what I can do now” rather than “Should have”. “Should have” might imply that it’s too late to fix it. Even if something “should have” been done, had we known the “should have” at the time, it wouldn’t be a “should have” now. Deal with the current situation. It’s better to say, “Here is what can be done now …” and move forward.

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