Words to Use to Better Serve Your Customer

Over the past ten-plus years, I’ve conducted numerous presentations to my clients on the topic of “Customer Service”. There are clearly dozens of helpful ways we can all serve our customers better. One of them is in the choice of words we use when trying to address an issue or solve a problem. Over the next few blogs, I’ll share some way to be more “helpful” with the words we use with our customers, that can help build relationships with our customers, rather than barriers.

  1. Say, “Yes” rather than “No”. Our customers come to us to solve their problem(s). Don’t send them away mad or frustrated. Take the time and energy to come up with ways to help them.
  2. Say, “Can” rather than “Can’t”. Sometimes saying “can’t” is even worse than saying “no”. Could your customer perceive that you “could” help them … but are choosing not to?
  3. Say, “Here is how I can help …” Even if it isn’t the complete solution to the problem, it certainly is heading in the right direction. Effort does count, especially when building relationships with customers.

More good word choices in my next blog.

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