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Icy Weather

Wednesday, January 12th, 2011

To all our valued customers:

Sunday and Monday most of Georgia was hit with a snow storm that left much of the area under 6 inches of snow.  Following the snow, we received sleet/freezing rain that added another .25 inches of ice on top of our snow.  Since that time, the temperatures have remained at or below freezing making the road conditions worse as time has progressed.  Unfortunately, the Atlanta area doesn’t have a high number of plows or salt/sand trucks to keep the roads clear.

Due to the icy road conditions, we are unable to get in to the Weber Associates office.  However, we are still available to serve your needs and help with any questions or comments you may have.  Please feel free to send us an email at if you need assistance.

Our website is up and fully functional if you would would like to place your order at  However, as of this post: UPS, FedEx and USPS are still not running in our area so we are unable to get your order out.  We apologize for the delay in getting your order to you, and we would like you to know that it will be sent as soon as their normal shipping operations resume.

Thank you for your patience!